installation (various textiles on plywood), 150-200 cm (w) x 300 cm (h) x 2 cm (d)

exhibited in Flow, SSM, Istanbul, 2009, and in Vitrine, Gallery Apel, Istanbul, 2011.

Mustafa Tavilo?lu collection.

The original source for the three female figures was a photograph taken by me. It represented a particular moment in which my mother was taking my grandmother to the hospital, and I was taking their photographs, their backs facing the camera as they were at the stairs. The series called “Lady” was planned for that number, because at that moment the street was silent, my father was waiting in the car, and we were just three women from three different generations, representing three different levels of personality. Wider variety of colored textiles covers the large bodies of the figures. Like a defense mechanism the size and those flamboyant textiles protect and disguise what is inside, colors and textures taking hold of all the attention on to themselves. In the process of creating and production their fabric cover takes over the individuality and disguises them into cheerful silhouettes in order to achieve a public understanding and other connotations.