Installation with a video documentation of the original installation, 5 plush puppets, 5 polyurethane foam stuffed pillows, dyed water, and vessels.
puppets: 15 x 25 cm, pillows: ~40(w) x60(h) x 25(d), vessels: 80 x 80 x 18 cm.
Video duration: 55 sec
exhibited in Young/Fresh/Different, CDA Projects, Istanbul, Turkey.

My mother used to work in a pesticide research clinic and she would occasionally bring home laboratory rabbits for the week-end. They were all white, except for one. The black rabbit was the most playful one amongst the previous visitors. I remember, I asked my mother to bring that rabbit back, sadly finding out that was not possible.

The original installation of Rabbit-giller, seen in the video, reveals a combination of two separate experiences, reflecting my need to connect to sculptures in public space through an old memory. The title also is made up as combination of the two languages I use, “giller” meaning “of the same kind or of the same family” in Turkish, which at the end gives a more domestic meaning to the rabits’ existence in a public space. At the gallery installation, just 5 of the rabbit figures are exhibited. Through taking them out of their original habitat, they transfrom into captives inside of an enclosed space. Video documentation of 12 rabbits in a pool transform into a reminiscent of their ‘wild’ life outside.