installation with paper, metal mesh, wooden clips, projected animation in loop
Size: variable (here, on the wall, height: ~200cm, 47 figures: 15-40cm)
url of the video documentation:

exhibited in Trace Back, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Chang-dong Studio, Seoul, South Korea.

A Bedtime Story was inspired by the fable of Bremen Town Musicians, which tells the story of outcast animals’ search for a new home and success through cooperation. Here, the imaginary characters of the fable are replaced by contemporary images drawn from Korean and Turkish newspapers, and photographs I took in Seoul. The characters are composed of combinations of drawings made on transparent paper, which were then hand stitched on metal mesh. Wooden clips were then attached which enabled them to stand upright on the floor. The creatures, revealing a new life form, aim to survive by becoming bigger and thus looking more important, but doing this goes against the feelings and motives in the original story.. Each individual drawn on paper is weighing down on the one below, causing distortions on their appearances. Although each hybrid figure is made of a variety of materials and possesses individual characteristics, their reflection on the wall hides these by enclosing them on a two-dimensional surface as black silhouettes. With two possible ways of seeing the installation, the viewer is invited to question the very possibility that the fable offers in today’s world.