It was an ordinary day or the end of a couple of centuries., 2016

wall installation with 127 photographs of history book covers, 420 x 130 cm.
exhibited at Gaia Gallery, Istanbul.

In this work, I am deconstructing and reinterpreting the linearity of time by organizing the photographs of history book covers through another fiction I created by using the records of an ordinary day that belong just to myself. I wrote a story which is reminiscent of science-fiction and crime genres by looking at the touristic photographs I took while visiting Berlin. Later, I created a visual archive by photographing the cover pages of history books from bookstores and libraries. I intentionally chose the covers which reflect the story emotionally and visually, and then I paired the sentences with those images. The viewer is invited to follow the story as the snake shaped shelf looking structure leads them into a certain direction from left to right, right to left, and so on.