Looking for happiness is a personal frieze, which questions the basic need of mankind. I am following random people who seem to be happy, in the streets of Vienna, and in the process I am also taking their photographs. Then, without looking at the photographs I am trying to describe my short experience of timid spying by using an intimate and personal language, which is reminiscent of romantic relationships. Afterwards, I am combining each sentence with the image, without any intention to represent the image or the text. My intention is simple, to find the happiness, which always seems to be an alien. But in the meantime to question if it is possible to attain it by depending on others, or is ‘another’ needed to define it? And what keeps us away from being happy? The symbolism and the shape of the installation are inspired by Klimt’s Beethoven Frieze. The easiness of its procession is transformed into a contemporary search with living but unknown subjects and with monsters created during the journey. Looking for happiness invites people to take a walk standing by themselves and to follow a simple story.

In total there are seven stories/people that I followed. Each story is separated with different colors symbolic to the clothes, shoes the people are wearing, or things they are eating.