interactive performance with a game table, glasses, a jug full of water, and 2 split channel video installation, and sound (created by composer/sound artist Can Kazaz).
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performed at Kargart, Istanbul, Turkey.

This is a collaborative project created with sound artist Can Kazaz. We agreed on working with our personal inspirations on the vague concepts revolving around issues of neutrality, purgatory, translucency and permeability.

No man’s land can be described as neutral spaces left between north and south or east and west of a ‘main’ land. A similar kind of void exists between the bodies of individuals, representing a smaller but still dense neutral space, which has potential for tension. The game table in No Man’s Table aims to simulate that kind of a space where performers become the binders between the videos and act as activators while changing the order of the objects and enabling continuity of the performance by choosing the next performer following them.

The video above is mostly composed of frames cut from film noirs. Intentionally I chose transition parts of the movies. Similarly in no man’s land, those frames consist of nothing definite, and thus serve as fictional purgatories. I intended to create a new fictional whole by combining those frames one after another, and also considering the background sounds Kazaz created before. The other video in the loop, which I recorded by chance while I was sitting in a bank by myself in South Korea, shows a middle-aged woman walking at night in a park.

The audience who steps on stage, is transformed into a new leading character, and acquires a hybrid identity by standing in the middle of the stage and carrying two essential items specific to those two videos. The hat functions as a replacement of hats, which almost all characters in film noirs carry, while the red vest imitates the one that the woman wears. People who wear those objects, from my own closet and which I wear quite often, gets a right to play and change the order on the table. Then, by putting the hat and the vest on someone else, they chose the following performer. The game table belonged to nobody, because every performer had a right on it and it was rent from an antique shop, hence, owned by nobody at that time being.