Performative installation (paper bags, found/used old postcards and photographs, images of objects cut out of advertisement pages, photographs unused from one of my previous projects)

performed and exhibited at Three Legged Table, REM Art Space from 11 March to 19 March 2016, Istanbul.

url of the video documentation:

This project is focusing and questioning both the process and the final output. With two artists we occupied the exhibition space with our “operation” tables for a week and created changing works over time, in my case also growing in physical space as the time progress.

I am making masks by randomly choosing images from the bell jars, which four of them contain the old postcards and photographs I bought from second-hand booksellers. City scapes and portraits of people from around the world, various animals (mostly cats and rams), flowers, landscapes, famous art works were the subjects of those postcards, while most of them were addressed to certain unknown people to celebrate various occasions. The old photographs as well were once used as part of memories and emotions, which we don’t have access anymore. In the fifth and sixth jars, there are leftover images from my previous project and images of objects I cut from old magazines’ and supermarkets’ advertisement pages. I am making new compositions and creating new relationships by disguising myself into an anonymous character who is trying to recycle those memories who are thrown away and lost their original contexts at the present time. This naively optimistic healer, whom I am impersonating, invites the audience to pick their favourite mask, piling up on the ground, to wear and be photographed on a blue wall across the table. The next day, she is putting those photographs in a photo album, and saves them as another and new memory both for herself and the audience.